Last week was a particularly busy and exciting week.

We held our sixth annual Personalization & CDP Summit, which brought together more than 300 people to learn, share and network. And we unveiled the Evergage Gears Marketplace, a first-of-its-kind library of easily installable components (or “Gears”), including connectors, extensions, templates and more. 

The Gears Marketplace, which builds upon our prior Gears announcement, is a central destination to browse the different ways that Evergage can be extended and customized, and, in many ways, it represents the future of Evergage – one where companies have more freedom, flexibility and autonomy when it comes to executing personalization and customer data platform (CDP) strategies. 

For example, Gears will help: 

  • Empower customers and partners to enhance the functionality and value of the Evergage personalization and customer data platform by utilizing pre-built connectors, extensions and template components
  • Enable companies to customize existing components or build their own from scratch in order to address unique requirements.
  • Orchestrate better collaboration and more streamlined workflows between business and IT/developers 

The Marketplace itself publicly showcases Gears that are readily available – and can be quickly enabled and deployed – from within the Evergage platform.

Want to send a custom segment to Facebook for better ad targeting? No problem, there’s a Gear for that. Need to pull promotional images from Adobe Experience Manager into a Contextual Bandit campaign in Evergage? There’s a Gear for that. Need to upload years of offline transactional data or implement a customized identity management schema? Well, you guessed it, there are Gears for those too. 

But wait, there’s more! Additional Gears include: 

  • Customer Data Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) – For uploading, mapping and normalizing large amounts of customer data into Evergage
  • Product Catalog ETL – For uploading, mapping and normalizing large amounts of catalog and product data into Evergage
  • Responsys – For syncing data (including segment membership, user attributes and campaign data) between Evergage and Oracle Responsys
  • Google Ads – For sending segments to Google for ad targeting
  • Google Analytics – For passing campaign-related data to Google Analytics
  • Store Finder – For passing retail store locations and related data (hours of operation, geographic coordinates, etc.) to the Evergage platform to display intelligently to individual visitors
  • Recommendations Carousel Template – For enabling marketers to easily place a Dev/UX-approved carousel with product or content recommendations into a website
  • Comparison Shopping – For detecting comparison-shopping activities, such as copying product names and switching tabs, and using those insights for better targeting
  • Lifecycle States – For specifying a set of discrete lifecycle states that customers move through to better understand and engage them

Check out the current public list of existing Gears on the Gears Marketplace. If a Gear doesn’t yet exist, though, not to worry – your team will have the ability to build their own. Or if there’s one that is close but doesn’t quite do what you need, you’ll be able to customize the code. 

Throughout the rest of this year and for the foreseeable future, Evergage – in collaboration with our customers and partners – will continue to add Gears to the Marketplace. The goal is to allow greater flexibility and extensibility of the Evergage platform, and to empower customers to achieve whatever they imagine with Evergage.

Evergage’s existing out-of-the-box integrations have been or will be re-architected as Gears for greater flexibility, maintainability and customizability. Currently, there are no fees to license any of the Gears available in the marketplace today, but charges are incurred for increases in the volume of data passed between systems using a Gear, and professional services fees may also apply. Evergage clients should discuss details with their Customer Success Manager.