Thanks to our amazing engineering team and a few select customers (who have been using the product for several months now), we are excited to announce Evergage Recommend™, a fresh approach to predictive product and content recommendations.


Leveraging the full-featured power and capabilities of the Evergage Platform, Evergage Recommend enables marketers to place recommendations anywhere on a page (without IT), A/B test different strategies, and even utilize CRM, segment, and social affinity data.

What’s more, where standard recommendation engines base recommendations solely on what others have viewed or purchased, Evergage Recommend factors in deep predictive analytics on each visitor’s behavior to determine affinities and intent. This means marketers including those in industries like retail, travel, publishing, technology, and financial services can deploy product and content recommendations that are highly personalized and maximally relevant to each and every individual.

But that’s not all! Evergage Recommend was designed to be completely transparent (i.e. no black box “trust us” algorithms). Want to see what products a recommendation strategy will display to different users before deploying to your website? No problem. With Evergage Recommend, marketers can preview the results based on visitor or shopper persona. If you’re not confident with what’s being presented, simply modify the strategy – adding or removing rules, boosters and variations – until you are.

There’s much more to see and learn about, so we invite you to check out the Evergage Recommend web page or, better yet, contact us for a demo. Like those already using Evergage Recommend, we think you’ll like what you see!