We are pleased to announce two new exciting capabilities: Evergage SmartSearch™ and Evergage SmartSort™!

Available immediately, the new capabilities are designed to help companies promote the most relevant products and content – to individual shoppers or visitors – in search results and category page views. Leveraging the machine learning and predictive intelligence power of Evergage Recommend, the search and sort features utilize each customer’s current/past session behavior, purchase history and preferences (e.g., brand, price, etc.) to provide truly personalized results.

Evergage SmartSearch

Personalized Search for Every Visitor

With Evergage SmartSearch, when visitors begin typing a term into a website’s existing search bar, auto-suggested product images and details will appear. The products shown can be based on current session interests, past purchases, brand affinities, price range preferences and more. As such, a shopper with a known affinity for dresses and a price point under $100 will see items that match those criteria more prominently displayed in a drop-down bar.

Personalized Product and Content List Views

Visitors on websites using Evergage SmartSort will see products or articles prioritized by relevance according to their individual preferences and intent. For instance, a shopper looking for gardening products will see items related to his past purchases, his geography and within his preferred price range featured first. However, visitors will also have the option to sort in ways the site natively supports, such as by price, size, style or other variables.

Optimize Results

Combined with the full-featured power and capabilities of Evergage Core, these new offerings enable marketers to extend automated 1:1 personalization to other areas of their websites. And as with Evergage Recommend, clients can build, deploy, test and refine strategies to optimize results.

We invite you to check out the Evergage SmartSearch and Evergage SmartSort web pages or, better yet, contact us for a demo. We think you’ll like what you see!