Digital marketing IS marketing today. If you’re not online, you might as well be invisible. While my own personal specialty is content, I definitely would be out of a job if it weren’t for the explosion of digital marketing.

Regardless of where your role falls on the spectrum of digital marketing, there are a few characteristics I’ve seen time and time again in my colleagues (and myself) that I consider the definition of being a digital marketer.

You know you're a digital marketer if...

1. You think in subject lines. In regular conversations, you keep your points short, simple… some might call them snackable. After someone says something clever in conversation, you’ll often think to yourself, “That would make a GREAT blog post title!”

2. Explaining what you do is hard. Your mom thinks you “write stuff” or “post on Facebook” for a living. Some people assume that digital marketing means you’re the brains behind the now out-of-fashion popup ads of the early internet. But no one outside of your field truly gets what you do every day.

3. Your skills are diverse. HTML, InDesign, Eloqua, Hootsuite—you know how to use them all, and then some. Which is essential for those days when you spend the morning as a graphic designer, afternoon as an Excel guru and evening as a social media evangelist.

4. You eat, sleep and dream of better data. You heart data in a big way. From things like finding ways to make sure prospects don’t mistype information into a form to imagining cool new campaigns you could launch if you knew more about your customers.

5. Technology is your best friend. And not just at work. The one day you’ve ever forgotten your smartphone at home resulted in a full-scale panic attack that was only relieved when you finally got home and confirmed that no, the world did not end and no, you didn’t get any new texts.

6. You think targeting is cool, not creepy. Targeted display ads and personalization on websites you visit make you smile. You think “Hey, cool, I DID want to buy those headphones I left in my shopping cart!”

7. You assess user experience...EVERYWHERE. If words like “this restaurant has a terrible user experience” have ever left your mouth, you’re probably a digital marketer. You’re keyed in to ease of use and customer interactions in every aspect of your life.

8. Becoming a lead gives you a thrill. After you fork over your business card at an event or fill out a form to download a whitepaper, you get the rush of thinking “I wonder what this company’s nurture campaign is like!” You’re willing to give over your contact info to learn how other companies handle new leads.

Do these hit close to home? What else do you think makes up a true digital marketer? Share in the comments!