Today we will be discussing how Evergage client, Gardener’s Supply Company, uses real-time personalization on their site to help turn readers of their content about gardening into buyers of their gardening products.

Retailers often struggle with how to turn more of their readers into buyers. They often have a difficult time relating the content on their site to the products they sell. So how are they supposed to turn visitors that are just browsing on their site into buyers? It comes down to presenting relevant content at the right time.

With Evergage, Gardener’s is able to subtly promote relevant products based on the content visitors are demonstrating interested in. To do this, they use real-time behavioral analytics to monitor and track what visitors are reading on their site. Here is a type of message that Gardener’s shows their visitors who have been browsing specific articles or content categories:

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 9.34.53 AM

Gardener’s offers a 10% related product discount to visitors who browse certain articles or categories. In this example, they’re offering a discounted Japanese Beetle “Dual Bait Trap” to readers of a popular article about Japanese Beetle control.  With Evergage, they can determine exactly when to present this offer and to whom, all in real time. And this message has worked well! Since the readers are seeing the discounted offer in real time (instead of being sent an email about the discount) the chances of an engaged reader seeing the relevant message and responding to the offer are greatly improved. Gardener’s tripled conversion rates among users that initially landed on content pages.

This is only one example of how an Evergage client is using personalization on their website with great success. To learn more about this example and 17 others, download our new eBook, Real-Time Personalization Examples and Ideas for E-Commerce Sites.