When implementing an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy, you have two main goals: get your value proposition in front of your target accounts, and pique their interest so that they are more receptive to communication from your sales team.

Advances in technology have allowed marketers to accomplish these goals in a more scalable way than in the past. Specifically, personalization has allowed you to share messages and deliver experiences that resonate with visitors from your target accounts while they are on your website. It ensures that such prospects engage faster and won’t need to dig around on the site to find the most relevant content.

Last week Ben Alvord from Mendix, a leader in the application Platform-as-a-Service market, and Andy Zimmerman, Evergage CMO, presented the webinar Why Web Personalization is the Key to Effective Account-Based Marketing. In this webinar, they provided examples and best practices for leveraging personalization as a critical component of an ABM strategy.

personalization for account-based marketing

Here are just a few examples of how Ben and his team at Mendix use ABM-focused personalization.

Display Relevant Content in Interesting Ways

Mendix has selected eight key industries of focus for the company. Ben built Evergage segments to identify visitors through a combination of reverse IP lookup, onsite behavior, and email domain name from previously filled-out forms. For more details on ABM data sources, read the blog post “4 Account-Based Marketing Data Sources You May Not Know About.”

Mendix is able to use this data to display relevant content and messages across the site to visitors that fall into one of those eight industries. For example, Ben and his team have incorporated an industry-specific eBook in the navigation of the website itself. So when a visitor from the insurance industry clicks on the solutions tab, he is presented with an eBook called 3 Digitization Priorities That Insurers Can’t Ignore. This campaign doesn’t disrupt the site experience, and the visitor doesn’t even know that his navigation experience has been personalized.

personalization for account-based marketing

Mendix promotes industry-specific content into the site navigation.

Drive Event Attendance with Geo-Targeting

When people think of ABM, they tend to think of account or industry targeting, as in the previous example. But geolocation provides an additional data point to leverage to ensure you are targeting the right content to the right accounts on your site.

Ben knows that driving a prospect to an event to meet with someone in person is a great way to start a meaningful conversation with a target account. He uses Evergage to target visitors in the areas of upcoming events to drive attendance. Any visitors outside of that area will not see these messages at all.

personalization for account-based marketing

Mendix leverages geo-targeting to drive attendance at events and trade shows.


Ben and his team have driven amazing results from their ABM efforts. Specifically, they’ve seen:

  • 10% increase in overall leads generated
  • 6% reduction in homepage bounce rate
  • 12% increase in traffic to industry pages
  • 20% of all event signups driven through personalization

Going forward, Ben and his team want to further personalize the Mendix website experience — including auto-filtering content pages based on the visitor’s industry to ensure the most relevant content is shown first.

Final Thoughts

There are many different ways to leverage ABM principles on your website through personalization. To learn more about Ben and Mendix’s strategy, and to get some additional ideas for segments to create, data to leverage, and campaigns to run, check out the webinar replay.

And for more detail on why and how to incorporate personalization into your ABM strategy, download our latest eBook The Most Important Part of Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy.