As I alluded to last month, it’s an exciting time to be at Evergage. There’s a ton of momentum at the company on so many different levels – adding new customers and deepening our existing relationships, partnering with leading services companies, hosting The Personalization Summit, expanding the business with new staff and office space, introducing new features and enhancements, and more.

Yesterday, from the main stage at The Personalization Summit, we announced that Evergage for Email now supports triggered email! Our CTO even did a live demo of the new feature, with triggered messages delivered on the spot to all of the guests in attendance.

This new capability enables companies to send one-off emails to specific customers or prospects based on certain actions, cumulative behavior, and external factors. A common and rather simple use case is cart abandonment. If a shopper adds a product to her cart and then leaves your site, you can send an email as a reminder and to create a sense of urgency to purchase.

And where Evergage customers will be able to send cart abandonment emails (and many other types of abandonment emails) until their heart's content, that application really only scratches the surface of what’s possible with Evergage’s triggered emails.

The true power of our triggered email capabilities – as with any Evergage campaign – lies with the platform’s deep behavioral tracking (at the individual and account level), and being able to harness that information in real time to deliver 1:1 personalized experiences.

For a glimpse of what’s possible with Evergage for Email, consider these example use cases:

  • A retailer could trigger an email promoting kitchen remodeling content and articles if a customer purchased a refrigerator and then – in a subsequent visit – returned and looked at other types of kitchen appliances.
  • An insurance company could send a personalized email offering an online chat with a representative about a specific policy to a prospect who spent at least two minutes evaluating that policy, but left the site without completing an application.
  • A B2B technology provider could trigger an email to the appropriate internal sales rep if, let’s say, multiple employees from the same target account are showing surging interest, based on their time spent on the site or their activity in the past few hours.

Triggered emails can include dynamic “send-time” content and/or be combined with Evergage for Email’s open-time email personalization capabilities, whereby business professionals can deliver the most up-to-date content based on a visitor’s most recent activity. Open-time content can include promotional banners, header images, individualized product and content recommendations and more.

We’ll be adding a lot more content and examples on triggered emails to our blog and website, but in the meantime, please visit the Triggered Email feature page or contact us for additional information.