This June, Evergage launched our new positioning around The Power of 1. We made considerable investments developing the messaging to accurately convey the ideal state of a marketer’s relationship with their prospects and customers – at the 1:1 level – and our vision for it. The phrase that encapsulates this, of course, is The Power of 1. We also thought long and hard about how to best describe the Evergage platform and how it stands out among a sea of wannabes, outlining our differentiators in a clear, concise way. These became the key elements of The Power of 1.

When we launched The Power of 1 messaging, we updated our homepage, “Why Evergage” page and company description, released a new whitepaper, produced a new video, published a seminal blog post, conducted extensive outreach campaigns, and much more. The Power of 1 was even the theme of our annual client summit in September.

Evergage CEO Karl Wirth describes The Power of 1 in his Client Summit keynote, Sept. 14, 2016.

The key message is: “Only Evergage provides marketers with The Power of 1. Understand and interact with each customer and visitor – one at a time, “in the moment” and at scale – to deliver the most relevant, individualized experience.”


June 2016: Evergage launches The Power of 1

So imagine our surprise when we discovered that this week, four months later, Oracle launched a new campaign called The Power of One.

The key message in their campaign is: “Simplify complexity. Drive more personal connections. Bring value to every moment of interaction. Deliver the best of your brand. In simplicity, find your power.”


October 25, 2016: Oracle launches The Power of One

We can’t help but notice that these messages are quite similar.

So is it just coincidence? Let’s use Evergage analytics on to find out

After we created a segment of visitors who came to our site from Oracle Corporation (leveraging our own B2B Detect solution), we were able to see how many people from Oracle looked at our site, when they visited, and for how long.


Clearly, many employees at Oracle have heard of Evergage and have engaged for hours with our content.

It’s easy to copy an innovative, next generation company’s message. It is a lot harder to deliver on what that message promises.

So let’s compare our story with Oracle’s – side by side – and pinpoint what’s fact and what’s just a claim.

The Power of 1
Oracle's "Power of One" Message
1 Platform

A single personalization platform purpose-built to provide a marketer with:

Evergage enables you to personalize across channels:

  • Web
  • Mobile Web
  • Web Application
  • Mobile App
  • Email
  • Search
“Unify the moving parts of digital marketing operations into one platform that drives results.”

Oracle’s Marketing Cloud is not a platform and it is not unified. Oracle’s Marketing Cloud consists of many not-yet-integrated acquisitions (Eloqua, BlueKai, Responsys, Maxymiser, DataLogix).

1 Profile for each visitor/user driving 1:1 experiences. Personalization is unique to each person, truly 1:1 across channel.1 Profile is not mentioned, because it’s not available.

You can’t call it the Power of One, if you don’t personalize down to the individual level. You need to call it “The Weakness of Talking to Many People in the Same Way.” But that’s less catchy. And less effective.

1 Moment to engage visitors. True real-time (20 milliseconds) response combines current action with full history over time.“Bring value to every moment of interaction.”

Oracle’s email solutions (Eloqua, Responsys) cannot personalize in the moment, in real time.

Oracle’s A/B testing platform (Maxymiser) can respond in real time by segmenting visitors based on very basic behavior, but it does not bring value in the moment. There is no predictive intelligence, no automated insight bringing value to the visitor, let alone in real time.

1 Marketer can build, deploy, test, and iterate rule-based and algorithmic campaigns

A single marketer can launch personalization campaigns in a matter of hours, without the need for developers or IT. Using built-in attribution analysis, the marketer can iterate rapidly to ensure delivery of the experiences and algorithms that get the best results.

“Simplify complexity. In simplicity, find your power.”

If there is anyone out there who thinks Responsys or Eloqua or Maxymiser is simple, please identify yourself.

Now, imagine trying to combine these solutions together to get something done.

1 Company dedicated to your success which includes implementation, training, a personalization expert, dedicated Customer Success Manager, strategic reviews and ongoing support.

Every employee in Evergage is dedicated to your Customer Success including our founders and CEO.

Not mentioned.

A company’s culture, mission, and day-to-day treatment of its customers is directly determined by its founder.

Do you think Larry Ellison is dedicated to your company’s success?

So, I promised you 3 takeaways from this situation  

1. Create engaging experiences for your customers with The Power of 1

Personalization is the way of the future for marketers and consumers alike. According to Forrester, 77% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience. Consumers want personalization, and they are proving that more and more by how they spend their time and money.

Additionally, Gartner has predicted that by 2020, smart personalization engines used to recognize customer intent will enable digital businesses to increase their profits by up to 15%. It’s hard to ignore numbers like these. 

It’s imperative that you, as a marketer, begin developing truly individualized digital experiences.

2. Choose the right personalization partner to deliver on the promise of The Power of 1

Selecting the right vendor becomes essential to your ability to deliver on the truly personalized experiences that consumers demand. But this situation highlights just how difficult it is for marketers to be sure they’re selecting the right solution to any marketing problem. If vastly different solutions like Evergage and Oracle Marketing Cloud are sharing the same messages and using the same words, how can you identify the truth from the marketing claims?

3. Look beyond marketing messages and examine the underlying capabilities of the solution

In copying our positioning, Oracle has validated that our vision of The Power of 1 is the way of the future and has admitted that our story is compelling. (Thank you for the public endorsement!)

So, while Oracle may be using the same message, only Evergage can deliver on the benefits of The Power of 1.

Evergage offers one platform to enable your cross-channel personalization strategy. It provides you with one customer profile for every visitor to drive 1:1 digital experiences. It allows you to capitalize on the one moment you have to engage each visitor with a real-time response. And this can all be accomplished by just one marketer with the support of one company – the one that knows the most about personalization and is dedicated to your success, Evergage.

Don’t let marketing claims fool you. The message is the same, but the solutions are vastly different. To learn more about The Power of 1, download our whitepaper (that one that we published four months ago), or request a demo to see for yourself.