It’s a situation most marketers can relate to. You and your team have invested heavily in lots of content – web pages with company information or product details, videos, articles, data sheets, blogs and more. Yet because each piece is designed for a different audience or those at different stages of engagement, figuring out how to most effectively leverage the content on your website is a constant challenge. How do you even begin to understand who’s actually on your site at any one point in time?

This is the predicament that Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows (SVAM), the internationally renowned mountain resort and winner of USA Today’s Top Ski Resort in 2016, had been struggling to address.

The Situation

Like any travel destination, SVAM’s website attracts people from near and far, from families to tour groups and from novice to expert skiers. Within the wide range of people coming to the website, the company had identified eight key personas to target, each requiring a different voice and unique content.

To improve lift ticket sales and resort bookings among each of these disparate audiences, the company needed a way to personalize its website experience to each of these segments.

The Evergage Solution

Since partnering with Evergage, SVAM has been able to segment its visitors by location, persona, and season pass holder status. Once a visitor is associated with a segment, he or she immediately receives a unique experience, including a customized homepage and relevant content in the main navigation and sidebars of supporting pages.

This single campaign has yielded some impressive results — in particular in SVAM’s high-value “family” segment.

Segmenting and targeting website visitors is a common challenge we see across industries. To learn more about how Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows created persona-driven experiences and the results it has seen with Evergage check out this case study or read an interview from SVAM's web and social media manager on CMSWire!