As a marketer in the financial services industry, it’s not enough to compare your customer experience to others in your industry. Today’s consumers have high expectations for their digital experiences, informed by all of the interactions they have had across channels.

The result of this? Consumers expect personalized experiences. Many financial services marketers already recognize the importance of creating these personalized experiences, but they often think that it’s too difficult to achieve. After all, financial services marketers have more regulations to sort through, and they always need to be sensitive to personal information.

But we’ve seen financial services marketers be successful with personalization with the right approach. Struggling to get started? Follow these steps.  

1. Find the right partner

While important for all industries, it is particularly critical for marketers in financial services to pick the right personalization partner. Select a company with deep expertise, a culture of collaboration, and a solution that offers minimal hurdles that stand in the way of getting started. You have enough internal hassles already, you don’t want the set-up process to be lengthy or complicated as well.

Make sure that your marketing team will have control and that they won’t need to rely on IT or engineering teams to manage the solution. When the process is simple and the marketing team is self-sufficient, it will be easier to make personalization a key piece of your marketing plan, rather than a one-off initiative.  

2. Plan and implement your strategy

After you have an idea of what is possible, you’ll need to do some planning before you get started. Focus on these five areas:

  • Set clear and objective goals & KPIs: Determine what areas you want to focus on and how you will measure the results to determine if you’ve been successful. Start small in order to make a real impact in one or two key initial areas.
  • Evaluate and target key user/visitor segments: Consider a wide range of segments to target for impact. Examples that financial services brands often target are mobile vs. desktop users, visitors in different life stages, and customers vs. prospects.
  • Select impactful visitor journeys: Identify your pain points and the areas where you will see the best results.
  • Develop targeted personalization campaigns: Get started by rolling out a few campaigns across acquisition, retention, upsells/cross-sells, and support.
  • Supercharge interactions with customer data: Understand the data you collect with your personalization solution and decide how to supplement it with information you can obtain from other sources like your CRM. Bring up any compliance or PII issues early on to address them immediately. 

3. Continue to iterate

Once you’ve gotten started, don’t become complacent. Most financial services organizations who’ve improved results with personalization campaigns began slowly, demonstrated some quick wins, and then continued to expand their personalization program. Start in the few areas you’ve identified, then keep building on your learnings and successes until personalization becomes a key element of your overall site experience.

And even when you have a few successful campaigns running, continue to test those campaigns to identify what’s working and what you can improve. Circumstances can change, and what worked in the past could become stale. Continuous iteration means you’ll always be optimizing your site experience and improving your metrics.


Getting started with personalization in a regulated industry with many privacy concerns can seem daunting. But it can be accomplished if you find the right solution that won’t hold you back, plan appropriately, and continue to iterate.


Jonathan Ranger and Rich Corriss, Chief Customer Officer and Customer Success Director, respectively, recently presented the webinar The Power of 1:1 Personalization — Enriching Customer-centricity & Brand Loyalty in Financial Services. In the webinar, they provide tips, examples, and best practices to help financial services marketers get started with personalization. To learn more, watch the webinar replay.