We’d like to introduce you to another one of our esteemed staff members in our latest in the personalization profiles series, this time from the Sales department! For this profile we have chosen to spotlight a man who is convinced there is positive correlation between his dart skills and the number of deals he closes. Issac Brower was introduced to Evergage by his high school English teacher and started his career in Sales straight out of college. He is a lover of all New England sports teams, fantasy football (3x champion and >200% ROI), Game of Thrones, the Cannon in D, and real-time data.

Isaac is a Boston transplant, coming by way of Maine where he grew up in Camden and attended Bowdoin College in Brunswick where he started and operated two food trucks! After leaving the culinary world in the hopes of a career in sales, Isaac began at Evergage as part of the Business Development team. Today, Isaac is an Account Executive, helping customers, closing business and perfecting bullseyes. Every day at the office is different for Isaac, but his main responsibility remains the same, to bring revenue into the company by selling the value of the Evergage platform. Besides the frequency of the company’s pizza party’s, Isaac enjoys the flexibility that his job affords him as well as the opportunity to advance his career in a top-notch work environment surrounded by smart, entrepreneurial colleagues.

When Isaac isn’t selling, you can often find him playing basketball, painting, traveling or signing autographs and taking pictures with strangers that mistake him for Walt Jr. from Breaking Bad.

Stay tuned for our next Evergage employee profile where we’ll unravel the mysteries of the man behind the magic of Evergage. And if you haven’t yet met our guitar playing Software Engineer, check out our second post in the “personalization profile” series on Andrew Patti.