In this new blog series, we will be highlighting stellar members of our staff here at Evergage --  sharing some of the people behind our personalization solution. For our first “personalization profile” we’ve chosen to highlight the Evergage den mother, designated snack buyer, office event organizer, and Customer Success Manager (her main job), Ms. Julie Hayes.

Julie began her career in higher ed where she was a graduate student in Residence Life while she received her Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration. The pursuit of an even greater depth of knowledge brought her to Boston where she enrolled at the Startup Institute and then found her way to our emerging marketing technology company in Somerville, MA.

Most of Julie’s time spent in the office centers around her many SaaS clients, but when she’s not working you can find Julie at spin classes, spoiling her adorable 19 year-old cat, reading lots of speculative fiction and doing marathons (on Netflix).

If you are interested in knowing more about the many ways Julie helps our SaaS and B2B companies utilize personalization to produce positive results, be sure to look out for our most recent on-demand webinar: Personalizing the Customer Journey from Acquisition to Retention. Coming soon!