As promised in our last personalization profile, we reveal to you the man behind the magic at Evergage. He manages all of our site’s Evergage personalization campaigns. He is a loyal Game of Thrones viewer, Taylor Swift music lover, and an America’s Funniest Home Video’s finalist! Without further ado, here he is...Sam Hajj!

Sam is originally from Methuen, a small town north of Boston, home to the Methuen Rangers and the Methuen Memorial Music Hall. After graduating from UMass Lowell, Sam heard from a friend about a budding startup called Evergage. Today, Sam is the marketing team’s resident Evergage solution expert and one of our longest tenured employees! He uses the personalization platform to segment and target visitors of using rules and algorithms just as our clients do. He’s also a regular contributor to our blog.

Sam particularly enjoys reporting on the positive results achieved by his work using Evergage. Some of his favorite platform features are the ability to promote content to visitors based on intent instead of relying solely on clicks, and the internal retargeting campaigns that he runs to re-engage visitors on our site. Sam’s best advice for someone just starting out with Evergage is “to make sure your goals are clear; start small and then go from there.”

Sam loves the constant stream of internal events that include pizza Thursdays, Red Sox outings, and occasionally even bowling a few strikes at the lanes in Davis Square. When Sam’s not at the office you can usually find him watching or playing sports, mourning over the latest loss in GOT (Game of Thrones, for the few who do not share his passion for the show) and following the popular podcast Serial.


Stay tuned for our next personalization profile where we talk to a member of our engineering team who knows our product better than the back of his hand. And if you haven’t yet met our in-house darts expert and Inside Sales Rep Isaac Brower let us introduce you!