For the last five years, Evergage has conducted an annual study in conjunction with Researchscape International to examine organizations’ perceptions, usage levels and future plans around personalization. We just launched our sixth annual survey to uncover how attitudes and usage have evolved over the last year, and we’d like to invite you to participate and benefit from the findings!

The survey will take about 5-7 minutes to complete, and when you include your valid business email address, you will receive early access to our final report. All respondents will get early access to the findings and be entered into a drawing for a GoPro plus cool accessories! The only qualification for the survey is that you are a marketer or are involved in your company’s digital marketing, e-commerce or customer experience efforts.

In the meantime, here’s a quick reminder of what we learned last year:

Marketers value (and use) personalization

Marketers agree that personalization is important to the overall customer experience: it advances relationships and customers expect it. But they aren’t just paying lip service to personalization — most are using personalization in some form across channels.

  • The vast majority (98%) of marketers agree that personalization helps to advance customer relationships
  • Three quarters (74%) claim personalization has a “strong” or “extremely strong” impact on customer relationships
  • 88% state that they believe their customers and prospects expect a personalized experience
  • 92% of marketers are using personalization in some way, with email (77%) and website (52%) topping the list as the most-personalized channels

But there is room for improvement in their efforts

Marketers often hold themselves to a high standard when it comes to their customer experiences, so it’s no surprise that they aren’t living up to those standards with their personalization efforts just yet. Dissatisfaction stems from challenges accessing the right data and insights and connecting channels to deliver a consistent and relevant experience from one touchpoint to the next.

  • Only 12% of marketers are “very” or “extremely” satisfied in the level of personalization in their marketing efforts
  • More than half (65%) of marketers give their personalization efforts a grade of C or lower
  • Half (55%) of marketers don’t feel they have sufficient data and insights for effective personalization
  • 46% of marketers have a few channels connected, while 27% have no connections
  • 52% rate their organization’s personalization maturity level as “limited,” and only 8% rate it as “advanced”

Nevertheless, they are still seeing success and investing in personalization

Even though they feel they have some work to do with their personalization programs, they are still realizing measurable benefits from them. As a result, they’re continuing to invest in personalization. The majority even wish that personalization was an even bigger priority in their organizations than it currently is.

  • 87% report a measurable lift from their personalization efforts, while half (54%) experience a lift of more than 10%
  • The vast majority of organizations (97%) planned to maintain or increase their personalization budgets in 2018
  • More than three-quarters of respondents (77%) believed personalization should be a
    bigger priority in their organization than it currently is – up 4 points from 2017 and
    13 points from 2016

Final Thoughts

After that brief look back at last year’s trends, we’re excited to see what companies are seeing and doing this year. Participate in this year’s survey so you can see how your personalization efforts compare to others in 2019.