It has now been over a month since we announced that Evergage acquired MyBuys. The Evergage team was very excited to have the MyBuys team come aboard to help advance the personalization cause.

For this blog post, I spoke with several new team members that joined the company as part of the acquisition: Pari Patel (Customer Success Manager), Evan Frederick (Senior Support Engineer) and Dustin South (Senior Customer Success Manager). We wanted to get their impressions of Evergage and the transition now that they’ve had a little time to settle in.

Excited to Join the Team

At Evergage, we care deeply about creating a culture where everyone feels welcome. A core value of the company is to hire the best people and treat them well. So we wouldn’t have brought the former MyBuys team on if we didn’t truly believe they were an incredibly talented group of people. With that in mind, I was happy to learn that Pari, Evan and Dustin have felt welcomed and supported as they’ve become full-fledged members of the team.

The Evergage culture is one of the most amazing work cultures I have been a part of. It’s great to see that the culture is instilled from the top down. Everyone that works at Evergage is passionate about what they do, they are excited to come into work and drive results, and they know how to have fun! They are open, communicative, passionate, driven and funny.

They have been there for us every step of the way. We have had continuous training and many opportunities to freely ask questions, state our opinions and participate in what we are interested in. I love the open culture of being able to reach out to anyone in the company. You can talk to any C-level individual without any hesitation. 


The team gave us an extremely warm welcome when we came to visit the Somerville headquarters for our first week. We had lots of fun, learned an enormous amount about the company, and started to build many great relationships. I find the last point especially important since we are working in a remote office which can make it difficult to build relationships with other employees. 


They are a smart, talented and driven group of people. We were welcomed with open arms and quickly brought into the Evergage family. 


Impressed with the Technology

Tied with our pride in our people is our pride in our technology. With Evergage’s real-time personalization platform, you can systematically understand and interact with each person that visits your site or uses your app – one at a time, “in the moment” and at scale – to deliver a maximally relevant, individualized experience. It’s great to get validation from new employees (who have had a lot of experience working with other personalization tech) that our platform is as great as we say it is.

I am very excited about the technology that the Evergage platform has to offer. One of my favorite topics to talk about regarding Evergage capabilities is the ability to capture time spent data, which is used to provide a more personalized and relevant experience across channels. I also love that it is not just a tool for product recommendations; it’s a platform that can be used to strategize your entire business. 


Evergage reminds me of MyBuys when I first joined the company years ago, except the product is on a completely different level of sophistication and functionality. I’m particularly excited about the flexibility and power to bring any marketing mission to life, backed by reporting that can validate your hypothesis through A/B and multivariate testing. 


The Evergage platform is easy to use, full of relevant data, and truly allows you to test and learn to understand if your campaigns are performing as well as they could be. The fact that Evergage can really deliver personalized experiences to individuals at the right moment is mind-blowing. Nowadays people are bombarded with marketing efforts from all over, the web, mail, email, TV, radio, text and so much more, so being able to speak directly to that consumer about their specific interests and intent really makes a difference. 


Looking Forward to Leveraging Evergage to Provide Value to Clients

Finally, we are 100% committed to supporting our clients and helping them create the best experiences possible for their prospects and customers. So it is essential for us that the new customers gained from the acquisition are successful in their transition to the Evergage platform.

I believe Evergage will have a huge impact for our clients. Our clients value our strategic discussion, and now that we have a platform that allows us to plan, strategize, test, and deliver real-time optimization, the door is wide open for us to drive the results we have wanted to drive for them. I'm happy to see that we are finally able to provide our great clients the technology and foundation to personalization that they now have with Evergage. 


Evergage will allow our clients to accomplish more of the custom marketing goals they have with ease. Some of our clients work with difficult e-commerce platforms that make it challenging to complete website changes. With Evergage, those changes can be done in minutes. 


Final Thoughts

When I asked Pari, Evan and Dustin if they had any final thoughts to share, they all had positive, forward-looking things to say:

Pari said, “I am genuinely thrilled to be part of a company that is as passionate about personalization and technology as I am.”

Evan mentioned, “I really like the company culture and I look forward to contributing to it in any way that I can.”

And finally, Dustin contributed, “It's a great combination of people, product and vision. Evergage has the right people in the right places to help marketers maximize personalization across channels.”

We’re thrilled to have Pari, Evan and Dustin — as well as the rest of the former MyBuys team — on board at Evergage. If you’re interested in joining us, check out our careers page for openings!