Planning Your Personalization Strategy in 2016

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Planning Your Personalization Strategy in 2016

January 29, 2016 by

Personalized marketing is on every "top marketing trends for 2016" list. If this is the year for your company to embrace personalization, how do you get started? What's the right way to develop a personalization strategy?

With this step-by-step approach, you'll take the best path to successful personalization:

Personalization strategy path

Define Personas and Map Their Journeys
If you've already developed buyer persona profiles, you have a head start. Review and revise them in the context of a personalization strategy. If you need to refresh them or build them from scratch, consider taking a story-telling approach.

Determine where your visitors are coming from, what information they want next and then identify relevant and engaging content to help them progress on their journey.

Segment Your Audience
Next, conduct quantitative and qualitative user research, following these six steps.

Set Personalization Campaign Goals
Together with your team, determine your goals for personalization. The next steps in your strategy can take very different forms depending on your goal-setting decisions, so make sure you and your team fully understand the implications of each personalization option and are in agreement before moving forward.

Design Your Personalizations
Next, determine the types of messages you want to deliver and how you want your visitors to experience these messages. We can show you many different examples of website and in-app messages to get you started with this step.

Test, Measure and Iterate
You've built and run your first personalization campaigns. Congrats! You're not quite done, though.

To ensure the best results, conduct A/B and multivariate testing, and continue optimizing your personalization strategy.

Learn More
For an in-depth look at this step-by-step approach, download our Ultimate Web Personalization Planning Guide ebook. You can also watch the webinar replay of Planning for Personalization in 2016 and take a look at some case studies for inspiration and best practices.

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