You’ve got your customer using your service in your free trial. Now you need to keep them, convert them, and upsell them. This is the job of your customer success team, your farmers.

Apptegic makes power tools for your customer farmers.

The Blessings and Curses of Subscription Business

The web has enabled a broad set of businesses to provide value to their customers as an ongoing service. These services usually have renewal or subscription-based business models.

There is a blessing and a curse that comes with being a subscription business.

The blessing is that you already have a deep relationship with the customers who could provide you most of your revenue next month or next year.

The curse is that it's relatively easy for those customers to leave you. You have to provide ongoing value to your customers day in and day out, or they will go somewhere else.

How to Make each Customer Successful

To make each customer successful, your farmers have to:

  1. Know each customer.
  2. Know your solution.
  3. Bring these two things together, to serve and provide ongoing value to customers.

The problem is that when you have a sophisticated web service and a lot of customers who are interacting with you through the Web, its hard to do these things.

Power Tooling

At Apptegic, we are developing a new class of power tools that deepen and automate a customer farmer’s work. We enable you to easily capture the detailed interaction of all of your customers. This helps you better understand your customers and your solution.

We then help you:

  • Prioritize your efforts to convert free trial or freemium customers to paying
  • Maximize customer success
  • Target the right customers for upsell and
  • Proactively address and reduce customer churn

Wait, we are talking about measuring free to paid conversion, upsells, and churn- then understanding and influencing the drivers of these metrics? That sounds like something a CEO or Board would care deeply about.

Exactly. We are all farmers now.