Most e-commerce professionals are not newbies to the world of personalization. At the very least, most utilize product recommendations on their websites. But personalization encompasses more than just product recommendations, and not all product recommendations are truly personalized to the individual.

As we head into 2018, even e-commerce pros that are well-versed in personalization are going to be looking for new ways to engage their shoppers to better compete against all the other options out there. They will increasingly be turning to advanced personalization to provide more individualized experiences that capture shopper attention and foster loyalty with customers. Get prepared for that future with this round-up of Evergage blog posts from this year!

1. What Digital Can Learn from a Good In-Store Shopping Experience

physical shopping experienceYou’ve likely been leveraging personalization on your site for many years, but is your e-commerce experience truly individualized? Does your site provide the same sort of personalized experience that a sales associate in a store could? This post is a great introduction, from Evergage CEO Karl Wirth, to how you can leverage personalization technology to provide a truly individualized experience on your site.

2. Machine-Learning Personalization Across the E-Commerce Site [Infographic]

machine learning for e-commerceMachine learning is what allows you to create unique digital experiences for each of your shoppers — at the one-to-one level and at scale. In addition to rule-based personalization, machine learning can be used to create an individualized experience regardless of where a shopper engages with you or how she flows through your site. Use this infographic to give you some ideas to get started.

3. The Main Elements of Machine-Learning Personalization

elements of machine-learning personalizationMany vendors provide machine-learning algorithms for e-commerce sites, but many of them are black boxes — you don’t know how the algorithms are determining the products to show, nor are you able to modify or test those algorithms. But with a vendor that gives you more flexibility, understanding how machine-learning algorithms work is easy. Learn more in this blog post.

4. The 6 Marketing Channels You Should Be Personalizing

cross-channel personalizationConsumers engage with you across channels, so personalization can’t just be limited to a few recommendations on a PDP and a person’s name in an email address. Going into 2018, marketers will need the ability to provide a consistent and relevant experience across website, web app, mobile app, search, email and human channels. Use this blog post to find out what that looks like.

5. Clicks Lie: Why You Need Engagement Data for E-Commerce Personalization

data for e-commerce personalizationYou have the potential to capture a lot of data on each of your shoppers: what they click on, how much time they spend browsing each page, how they engage with each page, and more. You can’t personally sift through that data to understand what it means about each person, but a machine can. In this post, our resident e-commerce expert Meera Murthy describes why it’s important to capture and analyze all of this data to deliver the most relevant experience possible for each shopper.

6. 8 Ways to Grow E-Commerce Loyalty with Personalized Experiences

grow e-commerce loyaltyWhen it comes to e-commerce loyalty, there are two types: the type that brings a one-time buyer back to make a second and third purchase, and the type that drives a person to become a regular shopper over the long term. Personalization can be leveraged to foster both of these types of loyalty. This blog post describes a few ideas to get you started with growing loyalty among your current customers heading into next year.

7. Why E-Commerce Merchandisers Should Care About Personalization

personalization for merchandisersMerchandisers should care about personalization too. With the right personalization solution, merchandisers can exercise control over their algorithms, grow basket size, control for out-of-stock inventory, and enable customers to see and sort items based on relevance to the individual. This blog post walks through personalization from a merchandising perspective to help you understand why you want to pay attention to it.

8. How to Combine Product and Content Recommendations on Your E-Commerce Site

combine product and content recommendationsMany e-commerce sites keep their content recommendations and product recommendations separate from each other. But a person’s interaction with both products and content can tell you a lot about her. By bringing them together, you can learn more about a person and deliver a better experience. Learn more from Karl Wirth, Evergage CEO and co-founder, in this blog post.

9. Out-of-Stock Pages: An Overlooked Holiday Shopping Necessity

out-of-stock pagesJust because we’re nearing the end of the holiday season doesn’t mean that you can ignore your out-of-stock pages. Out-of-stock inventory may be inevitable, but you can minimize the damage by providing a good experience on the page — during the holiday season and beyond. Read this blog post to find out if you’re doing all you can to minimize the damage from out-of-stock inventory.

10. Irrelevant Emails Are No Longer Acceptable to Consumers

It always becomes apparent this time of year that retailers send too many emails and consumers feel overwhelmed with the clutter. The solution isn’t just to send fewer emails — it’s to send more timely and tailored emails. This blog post, a response to the WSJ article “Retailers’ Emails Are Misfires for Many Holiday Shoppers,” outlines the challenge retailers are facing and explains how retailers can leverage personalization as a solution.

2018 Wrap Up

Well, that’s a wrap on the Evergage blog for 2017! If you’re looking for even more content to peruse while you’re finishing out the year, check out our new book, One-to-One Personalization in the Age of Machine Learning. It can help you wrap your head around the past, present and future of personalization and get you ready to head into next year. Download the full version for free on our site.

Have a great new year!