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Personalization & Customer Data Platform Ideas and Strategies

Randhir Vieira

May 20, 2015 by

"We saw great customer impact with Evergage, all with minimal IT involvement." […]

Eric Harrington

It’s a never ending process to improve the way customers use and trial our software, but Evergage enables us to be creative and make quick changes based on trends, improving customer experience and reduced churn. […]

Max Harris

"Evergage has proven to be an agile, effective and affordable solution for onsite segmentation and messaging. We applied Evergage to a large traffic segment of site visitors coming from Pinterest, increasing conversion rate by 3x in-session while providing a very effective email capture-and-trigger solution." […]

Brian Tino

"Evergage is our most effective communication channel, helping us lift retention 26% year over year – it’s been the most critical tool for my team." […]

Chris Martin

"I am using Evergage to target clicks and past purchases to offer suggestions on vacation packages in a non-distracting way." […]

Brad Edmond

"Flicker is a common problem with many of the web personalization solutions we evaluated. It’s disruptive, distracts the user and undermines the experience we insist on delivering to our customers and visitors. We want our website visitors to have confidence in our brand and our products, so we selected Evergage in part on the basis of the Zero Flicker feature and it’s working perfectly for u […]

Arthur Gehring

"Evergage put us back in control. We were empowered to communicate with our free users in relevant and unique ways, increasing our sales pipeline year over year." […]

Ujjwal Dhoot

We wanted to deliver a personalized shopping experience, while increasing conversions and average order value, by showing our visitors products that matter to them. We easily implemented SmartHistory on our site, and we immediately saw visitors using it to access their browsing histories. It has enhanced our site stickiness and we have already seen a significant revenue lift because of the solutio […]

Michael O’Hara

April 15, 2015 by

Our vision for Wayfair.com has always been to make every customer’s experience personal. With Evergage we are able to execute on that vision in a much faster timeframe and without significant resource allocation. We confirmed that Evergage can integrate with our internal systems so we could leverage our existing technology investments, and I’m very pleased to say it does. We are now delivering […]

Catherine Bassett

March 31, 2015 by

"With Evergage, we plan on taking personalization to a new level by making more impactful connections with our already engaged members. The Evergage platform really satisfies our digital marketing team’s need to understand our customers and act on it in real time." […]

Michael Kesselman

"I am a huge advocate of Evergage and recommend the platform to my colleagues regularly. Not only does it enable us to discover valuable information about our millions of subscribers, it also lets us immediately use that information to generate incremental revenue." […]