Personalization is nothing new to B2B marketers who segment their contact lists and execute targeted email and digital ad campaigns. But what happens when visitors hit your website, or when customers log in to your site? Are you providing the same experience to everyone? Real-time personalization enables you to more effectively engage and convert your digital audiences by delivering the most relevant content and messaging in real time.

There are a number of challenges that come with B2B marketing. It’s not uncommon to see high bounce rates and low conversion rates on your website. Luckily, these are some of the problems that real-time personalization can address. Relevance is the key to effective personalization and, frankly, effective marketing in general. The more relevant you make your website or online application for each individual visitor, the better the chance you’ll capture their attention and get them to take an action.

Recently, I delivered a webinar called Real-Time Personalization 101 for Senior B2B Marketers. Please check it out - you can watch it on demand! In the meantime, here are a few take-aways that will help you to start converting more of your visitors and better engaging your customers.

Identify Marketing Goals

Is your goal to generate awareness, drive new leads or enable sales opportunities? Think about what your business goals are, who your key audiences are and then identify and prioritize your web personalization campaign ideas. For example, if you’re looking to accelerate lead generation, present your visitors with homepage experiences based on their industry. Presenting more relevant content right off the bat will help drive better engagement and reduce bounce.


Map Personas, Journeys and Content

Map personalized experiences to personas and stages of the buyer's journey that will enable you to refine who you’re speaking to. Acknowledge where your visitors are coming from, where they’re interested in going and then deliver relevant, targeted content to drive qualified leads on your site. You can accomplish this by presenting visitors with personalized offers to drive more downloads or registrations.

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Test, Analyze and Iterate

You may think something’s working well on your site, but in reality it could actually be working against you. How can you tell? We strongly recommend targeted A/B testing for your campaigns and using a control group so you can properly measure lift. Determine if your personalized experiences are truly having the benefit that you expect, as some may give you lift while others do not. Knowing this, you can, then adjust and refine accordingly.

To learn more and see examples of B2B web personalization in action, watch the on-demand version of the webinar: Real-Time Personalization 101 for Senior B2B Marketers. It’s time to make the most of your site traffic and improve your customer experience with real-time personalization!