Hello, and welcome to another Real-Time Tuesday. This week we will be discussing strategies for inline messages, and how you are able to use them without disrupting the flow of the visitors navigation. Watch the video below to learn more.



The major advantage of inline messages is their ability to not disrupt the flow of a visitors navigation. Unlike pop-up messages or callout messages, you are able to provide information or relevant content to your visitors without taking them away from what they are currently viewing.This way, you are able to keep the visitor on the same page that they are currently on.

Another reason why inline messages are powerful is because immediately after a visitor completes an action, you are able to present the right content right away.


In the image above, Percussion Software uses an inline message to recommend similar content that the visitor is likely to be interested in. This is a great way to keep visitors on your site, and when a visitor is spending more time on your site, this increases the chance of conversion.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks episode of Real-Time Tuesday. We will see you next week so you can learn more about real-time personalization.