Hello, and welcome to another week of Real-Time Tuesday! This week we will be discussing strategies for creating real conversations in real-time with your visitors.

Now let's talk more about strategies for creating real conversations with your visitors. To get started, you must be able to track and understand where your site visitors are coming from and where they are clicking. With that valuable information and understanding their intent, you can start to build relationships with your visitors. Real-time, relevant messaging allows you to have a conversation with your visitors - help them find what they need and ask them questions - all at the right time and place.

If a visitor is on your site, your goal is to keep them on your site, right? But what if a visitor has a question? If they can’t find what they’re looking for right away, you risk the chance of that visitor leaving your site and going to a competitors site. With a chat bar or general question message positioned at the right time, you can turn questions into opportunities.

Thanks for watching another Real-Time Tuesday, we hope to see you again next week!