Hello, and welcome to our second edition of Real-Time Tuesday! Last week we discussed “Why Real-Time Matters.” This week, we will take a more in-depth look at how you can retain visitors with real-time personalization, and why this is so important. We will also give you an example of how one of our clients uses real-time personalization to their advantage by retaining visitors. 

Let’s discuss what you just watched a little more. Gardner’s Supply Company provides millions of gardeners nationwide with supplies, outdoor equipment, and apparel through their catalogs, website and retails stores. One of their real-time messages is a pop-up that recognizes and welcomes international shoppers. This message not only welcomes the visitors, but it also provides international shipping information depending on the visitor’s location. This way, the visitor knows not only that they can use Gardener’s ships to them, the visitor also knows that full duties and taxes are billed at checkout, they will receive direct tracking to the final destination, and delivery is only 3-8 business days.

Having a welcome message is not only important because it makes the visitor feel welcomed, it also gives them all the information they will need to know about shipping internationally and the visitor is receiving all of this information upon first arriving at the site. If a visitor came to the site and was unsure if they could ship internationally, the visitor would most likely leave the site and go to a competitor's. And instead of searching around the site for this information, it is brought immediately to the attention of the international visitor.

Having a welcome message for international shoppers is a simple tactic, but very effective. We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode of Real-Time Tuesday. We will see you next week so you can learn more about real-time personalization.