Hello, and welcome to week four of Real-Time Tuesday! Last week we discussed increasing interaction online with your visitors. This week we will discuss a retention strategy for semi-engaged visitors.

Let’s talk about retention strategies and why this is so important. One of the most effective retention strategies is making sure that the visitor is as engaged as possible, so this way you can learn their intent. Learning the visitors’ intent is very important because once you know their intent, you are able to offer them relevant content. This way, you are able to present the visitor a more targeted offer because you know more about them.

Whenever a visitor shows that they are engaged, such as scrolling to the bottom of the page, they are showing a certain level of engagement. Every time a visitor makes a click, you not only know more about them, you also build a stronger relationship, and this relationship could potentially end with conversion.

In the example above, the visitor was reading an “MIT Technology Review” article. Knowing what the visitor is interested in, a message popped-up to see the visitor would be interested in reading about “10 Breakthrough Technologies” since the visitor is already reading about technology. This is a great way to increase engagement, and this will hopefully lead to a conversion.

Percussion Software also has a great example of how they increase engagement with semi-engaged visitors. While a visitor is reading a blog, they will see a message that has related blogs. This increases interaction with the visitor, and will hopefully generate a click.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Real-Time Tuesday, see you next week!