Hello, and welcome to another week of Real-Time Tuesday. This week we are going to discuss a strategy for conversion for your visitors.

Let's discuss this strategy for conversion further. When a visitor comes to your site and clicks, this immediately allows you to understand more about them, and you now know their persona, and their intent on your page. This is a huge advantage, and you can now market to this visitor in real-time, and present them with a relevant offer. In the video, we discussed how if you know what the visitor is interested in, you would now be able to present the visitor with a relevant, discounted offer. This is a great way to increase the chances of conversion on your website.

In the image above, Gardener’s Supply Company offered a 10% discount after a visitor had been to the gardening library. When a visitor sees this, since they are already interested, Gardener’s makes it as easy as possible for visitors to purchase a product that they are clearly interested in.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks episode of Real-Time Tuesday. We will see you next week so you can learn more about real-time personalization.