Hello and welcome to another installment of Real-Time Tuesday. This week we will discuss how important it is to strengthen your value proposition in the eyes of your visitors, and why this is so important. Watch the video below to get started.

Lets take a deeper dive into why it is so important for your visitors to realize how much value you are bringing to your existing customers. After you build your initial relationship with a visitor, you have the ability to callout case studies from past customer who were in a similar situation. Many times, a visitor is unsure because they have no evidence of success. This is a great way to validate your claim, and the visitor can turn into a lead or even a sale.

If you can have your visitors read a case study that is relevant to them, you are able to build trust with that visitor. Trust is a critical part of any relationship, especially a long lasting relationship. Build trust with your visitors, and help them convert!

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Real-Time Tuesday! We hope to see you next Tuesday for another real-time talk!