We’re thrilled to announce our new weekly series, Real-Time Tuesday! Every Tuesday, we’ll explain why real-time matters and how it’s driving engagement and increasing conversions for digital marketers. Since real-time personalization can be difficult to understand when just reading about it, we thought it would much easier to break it out in a blog series, along with some video.

This week, we are going to talk about visitor retention and some ideas around this topic. In this week’s episode, you will also learn how to make your website your best salesperson by using three critical aspects of real-time personalization. 

Real-time personalization is very similar to a one-on-one sales interaction.  Soon after entering the store, the sales consultant will know who the customer is, where they came from, and how interested they are.  Based on this information, the sales consultant will treat the customer differently.  With real-time personalization your site can find out all this information about each visitor, and then treat them differently based on that visitor’s persona.  The three most important pieces of information your website can figure out is where the visitor came from, what keyword they may have used, and the source they may have come from. 

Where The Visitor Came From

Knowing where a visitor came from geographically is a tremendous advantage to you and your site.  This will allow your site to have a message that appears welcoming the visitor based on where they came from.  You can also present the visitor with discounts based on their geographical location.  If an international visitor is on your site, they might leave because they are not sure if you ship internationally.  The solution to this problem is simple, you can have a message saying something along the lines of “welcome international shopper, if you buy now we will offer you 25% off shipping!”  Now that your visitor knows that you ship internationally, the visitor is more likely to stay on your site.

What Keyword They May Have Used

If you know what keywords a visitor used to get to your site, you will be able to personalize messages for them perfectly.  For example, if you work at a clothing store and someone gets to your site because they searched for “cheap jacket” you will be able to have a message that appears on your site right away saying something along the lines of “looking for a jacket at a reasonable price? If you order now you will receive 20% off any jacket!”  This is a huge advantage for you and your site and you will be able to easily and effectively personalize your site based on what the visitor searched.

The Source They Came From

Knowing the source that a visitor came from can be used to your advantage.  Whether a visitor is coming from Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc., you can change their experience on your site.  You can have messages welcoming the visitor from their source.  You can also offer special deals and discounts based on the visitors’ source.  A simple message welcoming a visitor can go a long way.  Just like how a sales consultant would ask you where you are coming from, you can do the same with real-time personalization.

Knowing where the visitor came from, the keyword they may have used, and the source they came from are very important to making the visitor have as good of an experience as possible.  Knowing all of this about your visitor will also allow you to present the visitor with a great offer. Your site can be just as good as or even better than a one-on-one sales interaction.  Make your website the best at sales, and turn your visitors into customers! Come back next week to learn how to use real-time to target low conversion sources.