Hello, and welcome to today’s Real-Time Tuesday. Today we will be discussing a strategy for dynamically recommending blog posts based on each visitors’ interests. On the  Evergage Blog, we break visitors into four categories. Demand Generation, E-Commerce Optimization, Content Publishing, and Customer Success. We use Evergage Promote on our blog to determine what category each one of our individual blog visitors reads. Evergage Promote is able to calculate how much time a visitor spends in a category, which allows us to understand their reading interests. Blog visitors will get a slide-in message promoting other blogs that could be of interest to that reader - based on time spent in a certain category.

For example, if a reader spends the most time reading Demand Generation blogs, by the time they get to the bottom of the blog, they will see this message:

Demand Generation

But if they are interested in Customer Success, they might see this message:


At Evergage, we believe that each visitor should have their own unique site experience. This  gives each visitor relevant content that can drive more engagement. What would happen if someone that is clearly interested in Demand Generation blog topics was seeing messages promoting Customer Success blog posts? Delivering the most relevant content can keep visitors on your site longer.

These messages will keep filtering new blogs, so when a visitor clicks on this message, they will keep seeing this message at the end of each blog article, but it will dynamically change which blog it is promoting, since you should not be promoted content that you have already seen. The magic of Evergage Promote is that this is only one single message that keeps promoting new content. Without Promote, you would have to create all of these messages and then set up a sequence, but that is very time consuming and also has the chance of getting messy. With Promote, you only need to make one message and then watch Promote do all the work!

We hope you enjoyed Real-Time Tuesday, see you next week!