Hello, and welcome to another Real-Time Tuesday. Today we will be discussing how to increase web subscriptions by using Evergage Promote to recommend relevant content. Figuring out what a visitor is interested in is simple by looking at how many times or how much time a visitor has read an article or blog post written by a specific author. If a visitor has read that author’s article more times than any other author, they clearly are interested in what he or she is writing about. By determining this, you are able to show and promote relevant content including related posts or eBooks to engage the visitors.

With Evergage Promote, you are able to track how much time a visitor spends reading each article. Even though the visitor has read the same amount of articles by every author, the visitor could have opened up the article and closed it immediately without actually reading it. Evergage Promote will be able to track this, and figure out that this visitor has spent a significant amount of time reading a certain author’s content, and determine what the visitor is most interested in. You’ve got to love the power of behavioral analytics!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 9.20.08 AM

When you know what the visitor is interested in, in this case it is their favorite author, you are able to offer them relevant content from the same author, and that can increase engagement. There are many ways in which you can present this relevant content. In the example above, the visitor is presented with a simple pop-up message. This way, there is no way you can miss this message, and you will likely keep the visitor engaged. If you made the message inline or a call-out, you would risk the visitor not seeing the message and you might not receive the subscription that you want.

The reason why this type of message is important is because you are giving the visitor a personalized experience, and this will likely increase engagement and connect users to subscriptions of interest.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks Real-Time Tuesday, see you next week!

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