Hello, and welcome to another Real-Time Tuesday. Today we will be discussing a strategy for further engaging visitors and driving more revenue from your website by suggesting complementary or similar products.

By using Evergage Promote, you have the ability to create a pop-up or call-out message on the check-out page of your site that suggests complementary products to the product that is currently in the visitor’s shopping cart. Unlike a standard recommendation platform, you can actually deliver products that are relevant to what’s in their shopping cart, past purchases, past items viewed and more. The visitor can easily view similar products and if they wish, can simply add them to their cart. This will help further engage visitors, show them what’s available as well as generate higher average order values.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 1.24.46 PM

In the example above, the visitor is about to buy a chocolate cake, and the recommended product is a cake with a similar pattern. This way the visitor is being offered another cake that they are likely interested in and this increases the chances of the visitor buying a cake. By understanding the persona of the buyer, Evergage Promote has the ability to know what each visitor is interested in, and offer relevant products in real time.

Another way this feature could be used would be to offer a product that is different than the cake, but a product that will complement it. For example, if a visitor is about to purchase the cake, the recommended product could be candles, a cake stand, or a different product that is complementary.

With Evergage Promote, you have many options in which you can select the recommended product. The product could be recommended based on the item that is about to be bought, the last item the visitor saw, the item the visitor spent the most time viewing, and more. The options to generate higher revenue based on recommended products are endless.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks Real-Time Tuesday, see you next week!