Hello, and welcome to another Real-Time Tuesday. This week we will be discussing a strategy for offering a free shipping incentive at the right time and place to get shoppers to purchase faster, and how this can reduce shopping cart abandonment. When a visitor has an item in their cart and has been inactive for a certain period of time (this can be fractions of a second), you are able to show a message that informs the visitor that they are only a certain amount of money away from qualifying for free shipping. For example, if a visitor has a purchase of $50 or more, they can qualify for free shipping. If they are under that amount, they will receive a message informing them that if they reach $50, then they will not have to pay for shipping.

Many people don’t want to pay for the extra prices of shipping, so by offering free shipping at a certain price, the visitor will possibly buy an extra item to make sure they qualify for the free shipping. This is the perfect way to engage with a visitor and a great strategy for upsell.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 4.52.28 PM

This is an example of an inline message from the shopping cart image to inform visitors that they are under the free shipping amount. An inline or call-out message is recommended, because you don’t want to use a pop-up and interrupt the buying process.

This strategy will also help with shopping cart abandonment. When the visitor sees the upsell message after they have added items to their cart, they will also be reminded that they have items in their cart and this will increase the chances of each visitor completing their transaction.

Whenever you have the chance for the perfect upsell opportunity, you should take it. This is just one example of one message that will help you with upsell. What do you think? Has something like this worked for you in the past? To learn more about how customer are using Evergage to remind visitors how much they have left to enjoy free shipping, click here.