Evergage customers consist of leading companies from several different industries, whose strategies and use cases for the Evergage platform vary widely. 

To enable customers to monitor and analyze their initiatives, Evergage includes extensive built-in reporting and dashboard capabilities that customers use to track campaign statistics, segment performance, A/B test results, product views and purchases, content consumption and more. But given our diverse customer and individual user base, it’s not possible for Evergage to provide reports that address every conceivable way someone would want to analyze their data — and to answer every single question a business may ask of its data.  

And as more companies look to the customer data platform (CDP) as their single source of truth for customer information, they are demanding meaningful insights from this central data repository. 

The good news is that, as an innovative and advanced CDP, Evergage has responded and has met these demands head-on with a new and exciting solution! 

Evergage Data Warehouse

The Evergage Data Warehouse, announced via press release August 15, 2019, represents our latest product advancement, built to address the complex reporting and analytics needs of our customers. It provides a company’s business analysts with access to the rich behavioral, contextual and attribute data collected and maintained in the Evergage platform. Using the Data Warehouse, along with a company’s preferred business intelligence (BI) tool, business analysts can run queries to report on and visualize the data in Evergage in ways that are relevant and valuable to that company. 

There are really no limitations on how companies can utilize Evergage’s Data Warehouse. B2B technology providers can analyze which content assets are the most and least effective at generating the leads that result in profitable downstream business. A retailer can use it to compare the most popular product categories – based on cross-channel engagement – for high-value shoppers in key regional areas during the summer months. These are two examples among thousands. 

Key aspects of the Data Warehouse include: 

  • Rich Customer Data: With the Evergage Data Warehouse, companies can access a treasure trove of rich customer and prospect data. For every visitor, customer and account who engages with your organization, Evergage maintains a unified customer profile where engagement details – as well as a contextual understanding of someone’s digital behavior – is stored. Profiles may also include explicit data collected from surveys, ingested from external sources, or captured with each web visit (e.g. referring source, geolocation, weather, etc.).
  • Catalog & Transactional Data: Evergage also tracks detailed engagement statistics at the product and/or content level, as well as transactional data such as downloads, purchases, adds-to-cart, etc. Using the Data Warehouse, this information can be accessed by business analysts to identify trends and patterns related to their product or content catalogs. 
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Tools: Data Warehouse users are provided with an environment where they can access all of their data in Evergage using a BI tool of their choice (e.g., Tableau, Looker). Using Evergage’s database schema, team members can write queries to analyze data and trends – all in a manner consistent with their unique business needs and goals.  

Final Thoughts

The Evergage Data Warehouse is a powerful solution that’s available to our customers at a modest additional cost. Existing clients should get in touch with their Customer Success Manager to learn more. 

We will, of course, continue to add to and improve upon the extensive reporting capabilities within the Evergage platform. But for customers looking to answer specific questions or do advanced analysis not addressed natively in the platform, we are proud to now offer the Data Warehouse solution. 

To learn more about how you could use Evergage and the Evergage Data Warehouse as part of your CDP and personalization program, request a demo today. 

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