As someone who works in product marketing at Evergage, I’m in an enviable position. Not only do I get to work for a company who’s built the industry’s premier real-time personalization solution, but I also get an inside look at all the exciting updates our engineering team is working on.

Although I can’t reveal all the details just yet, the capabilities and features on our near-term roadmap are awesome, and they will help continue to distance Evergage from other solutions on the market. I can’t wait to share what we’re working on, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Several of these key new features, in fact, will be announced at The Personalization Summit on September 14, so be sure to sign up if you haven’t yet! That said, there are several powerful enhancements that our engineering team has produced that I can share with you now. These recent updates, described in this post, are designed to help improve usability, campaign management and overall execution and are now available in the Evergage platform.

Better Insights for Merchandisers: Promoted Items Report

We recently revamped the Promoted Items report which is sure to become popular for anyone running machine learning-driven product and content recommendations – particularly online merchandisers.

The concept behind this report is simple: for any specific product or content recommendation running on your website, it shows which products were recommended the most and their revenue attribution.

The report is designed to show important trends at an aggregate level. So, for instance, if you work for an online hardware store and are running a recommendation “recipe” on your homepage that encompasses a “trending” algorithm, a “collaborative filtering” algorithm and a “brand” booster, you can quickly determine which products are driving people deeper into your site (and generating sales), and use that information to make strategic decisions, spot trends, run promotions and, if needed, adjust inventory levels.

Evergage product enhancements

Easier Testing: Customizable Campaign “Test” Links

As with any marketing campaign, testing personalized experiences before publishing them is not only considered a best practice, it’s a necessity. Within Evergage, any campaign can easily be tested prior to being published. But we recently made testing even easier by allowing users to indicate the page where the test should take place.

In the campaign settings view, you’ll now see “Test URL.” Simply add a specific page URL and then save the campaign. Upon doing so, you’ll be able to use that URL to test your campaign before publishing. For example, you can have a URL that links directly to a product detail page (PDP) to test a PDP campaign or a blog post for a blog campaign. You can then share that link internally to allow each member of the team to vet the campaign.  

Faster Navigation: Updated In-App Search Capabilities

Campaigns. Segments. Recipes. Recipes. Segments. Campaigns. When managing personalization initiatives within Evergage, Evergage users often move back and forth from screen to screen.

To help improve workflows, we’ve overhauled our in-app search capabilities so you can quickly return to the campaigns, segments and recipes you most recently interacted with. The search results also have two different views: one where the options are grouped according to area of the site and the other where the items are sorted based on most recently viewed.

Evergage product enhancements

Evergage product enhancements

Expanded SmartHistory Functionality: Products, Resources and Content

We’ve expanded the capabilities of Evergage SmartHistory. Originally developed for retailers, SmartHistory acts as an automated browsing companion that shows visitors a list of previously viewed products or downloadable assets. By default, the items are sorted by “engagement” level so visitors and shoppers can return to the items that they’re most interested in.

Based on customer feedback and demand, we’ve updated SmartHistory to include not only products and downloadable resources, but also articles, web pages and blog posts. This expanded functionality, in turn, makes SmartHistory more versatile across industries – technology, financial services, etc.

Faster Campaign Development: Clone Segment Rules & Groups

Evergage offers in-depth real-time segmentation capabilities so you can quickly build and deploy segments that are broad (e.g., first-time visitors) or narrow (e.g., repeat visitors from Boston who have been on the site three times in the past week, spent more than $100 in the past month and whose preferred category – based on active time spent – is women’s shoes).

Now, Evergage users can clone specific rules or groups of rules – within the segments area, saving time and effort.

Creating a segment that includes anyone who added an item to a cart who is within 15 miles of Boston is really straightforward, but it does require a user to select different parameters from a series of dropdown menu and form fields. When building a segment that requires many different rules, rather than repeat certain steps, an Evergage user can simply clone a group of segment rules or a specific segment rule, as shown in this screenshot:

Evergage product enhancements

I would encourage Evergage customers to explore all of these new features. Should you have any questions, please contact your Customer Success representative. And stay tuned for more exciting updates and announcements during The Personalization Summit. Register today to hear more about our roadmap, network with peers, and get inspired with new campaign ideas and personalization strategies.