Personalization is changing the face of digital marketing as we know it. Informed consumers expect a unique experience across all touchpoints. Anticipating what shoppers will be interested in can be difficult, but what if you could increase conversions and website or app “stickiness” by tailoring the experience for each visitor based on their expressed or implied interests?

At the Digital Summit 2015, our client, Molly Baab, VP of Product Management at fashion e-retailer Rue La La, shared first-hand experience and insight into how they are customizing one-to-one experiences for their users in real time, using extensive testing to cultivate messages, formats and layouts that engage customers.

This doesn’t have to be difficult, Molly explained. In her talk, she shared six tips with the audience on how to get started with personalization:

1. Build a vision for the future, but start small
2. Begin with known customer segments and most important customer touchpoints
3. Consider third-party tools, like Evergage
4. Don’t go too complex
5. Don’t worry about having perfect data
6. Test everything

This methodology has worked for Rue La La. They have seen a significant lift in engagement and an increase on average order values, making personalization a top priority for their business!

For more from Molly on personalization, check out this video from RetailTouchpoints shot on the trade show floor at

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Rue La La’s personalization strategy goes beyond basic product recommendations by combining past shopping history with in-the-moment behavioral data along with page views, device identification and other factors. By understanding their customers, they are able to immediately respond with targeted customer experiences, relevant product promotions and cross-channel engagement.

Learn more in this on-demand webinar: How Rue La La is Boosting Revenue with Real-Time Personalization.