Hello and welcome to another Real-Time Tuesday. Today we will be discussing how static homepages are a thing of the past. In this post you’ll see what we do to improve our homepage to keep visitors engaged by promoting content that is relevant to them.

If your homepage is static, that probably means you’re not engaging with your visitors and you’re not showing them what they’re interested in. In my opinion, this is the same as walking into a store, asking the sales manager where to find a pair of shoes, and having them show you a winter jacket. If the sales manager knows what I’m interested in, that’s what they should be showing me, thus increasing the chances of me making a purchase. Your website should have the same feel. If a visitor is clearly interested in one thing, make sure you show that to them the next time they go to your homepage.

On Evergage’s website, we use Evergage Promote to dynamically change the banners on our homepage based on what each visitor is interested in. This is what our homepage banner looks like when a visitor is anonymous:


The anonymous visitor hasn’t navigated through our site to tell us much about them yet. In this case, we keep our banner generic because we want to make sure they have the chance to see our introduction video.

Here’s an example of what a visitor will see on the homepage if they are interested in Customer Success:

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 12.31.08 PM

Since we know they’re interested in customer success, we want to make sure that they’re shown relevant content. We now have a different banner for each of our four core personas: Demand Generation, E-commerce, Content Publishing, and Customer Success.

In order to determine which persona a visitor is the most interested in, we use Evergage Promote to see how much time the visitor has spent on each of our solutions pages. If the visitor spends the most time in customer success, they will be shown the customer success banner the next time they are on our homepage.

We hope you enjoyed Real-Time Tuesday, see you next week!