As online channels have become a pillar of the modern marketplace, tailoring the customer experience to reflect personal preferences and past interactions has become a key strategy for B2B and B2C organizations looking to stand out from the competition.

To better understand this strategy, Evergage in conjunction with Researchscape surveyed 242 individuals about their attitudes and expectations toward real-time personalization. Respondents hailed from a range of industries and held a variety of marketing or line-of-business titles.

Some of the key research findings:

Real-time personalization is a digital marketing imperative: 91% of marketers currently use or intend to use personalization within the next year

Marketers feel personalization is very important to their initiatives: 1 in 2 (49%) plan to increase their budgets for personalization

51% of organizations have personnel dedicated to working on personalization programs

The greatest obstacles to the successful implementation of personalization initiatives were reported to be a lack of knowledge or skills, lack of budget and IT constraints

Personalization has become a must-have to today’s modern marketer. Download the full report today to review all of the Trends and Priorities in Real-Time Personalization survey findings - and be sure to check out the infographic!