TeamSupport is an award-winning cloud-based customer support and help desk solution that harnesses the power of collaboration so that B2B organizations can deliver a remarkable customer experience. Its help desk features include customer service portals, live chat, reporting, ticket management and automation, embedded images and more. TeamSupport has a host of integrations including Jira, Salesforce, Mailchimp and Dropbox.

The company wanted a better understanding of how both free trial customers and paying customers were using their online application. The team sought a faster way to monitor user engagement and the usage of new or improved product features to improve customer experience. TeamSupport was in search for a web-based solution with an intuitive interface, easy navigation and reporting as well as a solid alerting system.

TeamSupport turned to Evergage as a simple solution to track app usage and customer activity. The team was easily able to see how engaged free trial customers were – what they were clicking on and what they were not. In addition, they were able to monitor paying customers to identify the most used – and least used – features and sections of their app. This allowed TeamSupport to make better business decisions when making updates and enhancements to their product.

As a customer visits a new section of the app, TeamSupport has the ability to present engaged users with messages that include helpful tips. Since the messages can be rich text HTML, they can include supporting examples, links, documents and video.

Using APIs, the team integrated their platform with Evergage to receive real-time email alerts on how their clients were engaged in their product. The team can look at the data at anytime – and set up email alerts to track any type of data segment.

Here’s where the results come in! TeamSupport saw a 25% increase in new trial activity because they were better equipped to help new users find and test key features. In addition, they also saw a 15% uptick in free trial conversions. The team attributes this improvement to Evergage – since they are now able to identify the most engaged trial customers. The team is also able to tailor the sales conversations based on use cases revealed during the trial.

For existing customers, they’ve been able to create more value and usage adoption by notifying customers in-app about a new feature as opposed to relying on blast email communications that often were overlooked by customers. Now TeamSupport can feel confident that every in-app user has actually seen the new feature that has led to greater customer experience and reduced customer churn.

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