Hello and welcome to another Real-Time Tuesday. Today we will be discussing how we tested and optimized one of the most important pages on the Evergage website, our Get a Demo page. Using Evergage’s A/B testing capability, we were able to test the existing content against two different experiences. Our “control” (the existing content) was getting a good conversion rate, but we decided to test the page to see if we could improve it.

We want to ensure that we are converting as many leads on this page as possible. Here is what our the control looked like:


As you can see, this page has a lot of text, with the form to the right of the text. We wanted to see if we would have a higher conversion rate if we trimmed down the text significantly. We also wanted to test the conversion rate for this page if there was only a form and no text. So we decided to test the control against our these two different web page experiences. Here is what our demo page looked like when it is just a form:


And here is what our demo page looked like when we trimmed down the text:


Two of the most important parts of doing a test are knowing what you want to test for and measuring your results. We established that we would be testing our current demo page with these two new experiences to determine which format yielded more form submissions. We split the audience for these three pages evenly (⅓, ⅓, ⅓) to see if we could get a decisive winner based on conversion rate.

After nearly a month of testing here is what we found. Although all three pages had a good conversion rate, there was one page that was converting far better than the others. That page was the experience with the the shorter text with the form on the right side of the page.

This message had a 122% lift over the control! After a month of testing our demo page, we decided we had enough time and data to declare it the winner and ended the test. At Evergage, we believe you should always be testing your pages, especially your most important conversion pages, to optimize them for the best results.  And we practice what we preach!

We hoped you enjoyed this weeks Real-Time Tuesday, see you next week!