Well folks, the end of 2016 is fast approaching. I can only assume that you’re spending the last few days of the year wondering about whether you got the most out of the Evergage blog in 2016. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We dug through the archives of our blog posts to pick out our top 10 personalization tips from this year.

Read through these posts as you reflect on your 2016 personalization efforts and plan for 2017.

1. Overcome the Challenges

personalization challengesWhether you’re just starting out with personalization or you’re a tenured expert, you’ve probably faced a few challenges during 2016. You may not be sure you have enough content for personalization, or you may be struggling with governance and execution. Going into 2017, make sure you can address these common challenges to execute a flawless strategy.

2. Keep it Real-Time

real-time personalization solutionsThese days the term “real-time” gets thrown around a lot. But have you ever stopped to ask what everyone means when they use it? The definition is simple, “the actual time during which a process or event occurs.” But all too often, other vendors don’t mean that. They may mean a few minutes, hours, or days after the event. If your personalization campaigns can’t act on data in true real time, then you should definitely get there in 2017.

3. Leverage Intent

intent-based marketingConsumers expect brands to accurately address their individual needs, and B2B buyers have little patience for irrelevance. To cater to these individual differences, you need to factor in each person’s unique attributes, preferences, and past history on your site. But don’t forget about their intent in the moment too. If you aren’t leveraging intent to drive individualized experiences on your website, consider it for 2017.

4. Look Beyond the Homepage

personalization beyond the homepageTake a look at your traffic reports. Does the majority of your traffic come in through the homepage? Or do they arrive through your blog or product pages? Now take a look at your personalization campaigns. Are they primarily focused on the homepage? The homepage is a great place for personalized experiences, but it’s not the only place. Think beyond the homepage to better align your resources to the impact they’ll have in 2017.

5. Consider Email Open Time

email open timesEmail marketing is a major tactic for marketers, both B2C and B2B alike. More and more marketers are leveraging personalization in their emails, but they typically personalize when the email is sent. A lot can change between when a person receives an email and when she opens it. If you personalize at open time, you can make sure that your recipients always see relevant and timely information. Consider this for your email campaigns next year.

6. Focus on Continuous Improvement

continuous website improvementFor today’s busy marketer, it can be tempting to try a few personalization campaigns here and there when you have the time. But personalization is something you can use to continuously improve the experience and performance of your website. Use these tips to make continuous improvement a staple of your 2017 marketing strategy.

7. When Picking a Vendor, Ask the Right Questions

personalization vendorsThe right partner will help you develop and implement a strong personalization strategy. But most vendors are using the same language to describe their solutions, so it can be understandably difficult to pick the best one for you. If you’re looking for a personalization vendor in 2017, make sure you ask the right questions to sort out the right fit for your business.

8. Hire the Right People

personalization specialistYou can invest in all the personalization solutions you want, but you won’t see maximum impact unless you have great people implementing your strategies. The term “personalization specialist” may not be on that many resumes yet, but the skills already exist in today’s workforce. You just need to know what to look for. If you’re aiming to hire a killer team in 2017, use this post as a place to start.

9. Measure ROI

ROI of personalizationMarketers are no strangers to the hardships of proving the success of their activities. Personalization does not need to be one of those marketing investments with a dubious link to business impact. If you’ve struggled to justify investments in personalization this year, use this guide to help you calculate ROI going into 2017.

This particular link shows you how to measure ROI for a demand generation use case. You can also view the calculations for e-commerce, content publishing and customer success.

10. Follow These 4 Rules

4 Rules of Great Digital Customer ExperienceFinally, as we move into 2017 and you start developing your plans for the new year, make sure to keep these four rules for elevating your digital experience in mind. When it comes to your prospects, shoppers, and customers, make sure you remember them, understand them, help them, and surprise and delight them next year. This post will help you use personalization to do just that.  

Wrap Up

That concludes our year at the Evergage blog. Have a great end to your 2016 and let’s get ready to start 2017 strong!