It was a big week for retail and e-commerce here in Boston at eTail East August 11-12! The theme was “Transforming Retail. Together.” Hundreds of the industry’s innovative digital retail marketers and e-commerce executives came together in our hometown to discuss how they can shape the future of their brands across channels. Here were some of the top trends:

  1. We’re living in a multi-device world. Consumers today eat, sleep, work and play using several digital devices.  Connect with shoppers by understanding their individual behaviors across channels to cater to their needs no matter the device.
  2. It’s all about that data. Data is central to shaping experiences that help consumers buy. Use your current data to structure experiences that help customers shop and leverage customer data (purchase data, behavioral data, etc.) to encourage them to become repeat buyers.
  3. Personalization is a must-have. Using data to personalize the shopping experience is crucial. Delivering personalized experiences has proven to increase conversions and average order values. Based on what you learn about each customer on your site, you want to get the best content in front of them in real time, every time.
  4. Testing is top of mind. Without testing, how are you going to determine what works and what doesn’t? It’s important to try out new things, take chances and learn from your successes (and mistakes)! A/B and multivariate testing enables success and valuable insights.
  5. The customer is king (or queen). In order to succeed in today’s omnichannel age, you must think about customer experience. Often discussed was how retailers are struggling to break down the digital divide in their organizations. Stop thinking in siloes and unify your data around individuals.


These were some of the key takeaways from eTail East, but other buzzworthy items included: connected, real-time, mobile first, predictive and analytics – covering all the retail/e-commerce bases. The event was well attended and overall a huge success…we’ll be back next year!