As a digital marketer in the travel and hospitality industry, one of the key goals of your website is to convert visitors to book a flight, hotel, rental car, travel package, etc. But your work isn’t complete after the booking — you should still provide value to your visitors before, during and after their trips when they visit your site or app.

Here’s an example. Let’s assume that you are an OTA (online travel agency) that provides flights, hotels and rental cars. A customer has booked a flight to San Francisco through your website but made no additional reservations. What can you do to engage this traveler before, during and after he takes his trip to San Francisco?

Before the Trip

Before his trip, use the information you know about the traveler whenever he is on your site or app to make relevant recommendations. For example, you can prominently display offers about car rentals or hotels in San Francisco. Or you can recommend any content you may have about traveling in San Francisco (bonus points if you have different content for business vs. leisure travelers and can target them appropriately).

The image below is an example of this. Note the bar at the top indicating deals in San Francisco, hotel offers, and some relevant content toward the bottom of the page.  

targeted content

Additionally, if he has viewed any other offers or packages on your site since booking his trip (on any device), make sure that these are easy to find when he lands on your site or app. You can even incorporate them into your email recommendations in real time.

During the Trip

During his trip, you can provide communication that is helpful to the traveler in the moment, while avoiding anything not relevant to the trip he is currently taking. For example, offers to upgrade seats or messages about connecting or returning flights are appropriate to send via mobile or emails, particularly because they are time-sensitive.

If the traveler visits your site or app while on his trip, you should indicate that you know that he is currently taking the trip he booked with you and offer relevant content appropriately. Related offers for rental cars or other travel packages could be helpful if he is a last-minute planner.

After the Trip

Once the trip is over, you can encourage the traveler to write a review of his trip or of his experience with your site or app. If he isn’t already a member, ask him to sign up for your loyalty program to get points for his trip. You can also ask him to complete a survey about his trip to collect feedback.

For example, in the image below you can see the bar in the middle that says “We hope you had a great trip” and the call-to-action asking the visitor to fill out the survey.  

targeted content

Final Thoughts

If a customer has made a booking on your travel site, he expects that you know about it and can use that information to make the experience on your site more relevant. As he interacts with your site, app or email communications you should be able to recognize where he falls in his trip (before, during or after) and provide him with relevant information and recommendations.

This can result in a better, more personalized experience for your customers, and increased engagement, upsells and repeat purchases for you!