TribeHR is a social human resources software company. Its easy-to-use tools are used by businesses worldwide, helping them simplify the HR process. The company was recently acquired by NetSuite.  

TribeHR wanted to ensure that new users were experiencing a positive in-app user experience and were receiving the materials to guide them through onboarding and free trial period. Emails targeted at new users that included training materials were getting lost in the inbox, and TribeHR was getting that feedback from their customers. The company wanted to find a better way to communicate and educate their users - while they were engaged in their online application.

With Evergage’s behavior-based messaging feature, TribeHR was able to embed training videos and messages in their website and product, relevant to what the customer is working on. This provided education and guidance during the onboarding process. The company was given the ability to interact in-app with customers who signed up for a free trial, sending them tailored and targeted messages at the right time – helping to convert free trial users into paying customers.

TribeHR greatly improved user experience by interacting in real time with new users and free trial customers. After launching Evergage on their website and product, TribeHR saw a 30% increase in active users, 3x the number of highly engaged.

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