Hello and welcome to another Real-Time Tuesday. Today we will be discussing how you can use progressive calls-to-action (CTAs) to get visitors deeper into your site or converted to leads by dynamically presenting them with relevant content and offers.

Recently Evergage rolled out multiple progressive CTA messages that are shown at the end of each blog post. Evergage currently uses four categories to segment blog visitors: Demand Generation, E-Commerce Optimization, Content Publishing and Customer Success. We made a four message sequence for each of these segments. Based on the category in which the visitor has spent the most time viewing articles that day, they will see a CTA that is relevant to that category. In order to know how much time the visitor spends viewing a blog article in a certain category, we use Evergage Promote.

For example, when someone reads their first blog post on our site, they will see our standard, default CTA since we do not know which category they are most interested in yet. But once they start exploring additional articles -- let’s say in the  E-Commerce category --  this is the first CTA they will see:

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.09.06 AM

The strategy behind the first CTA is to get visitors deeper into our site, so we want to direct them to our E-Commerce Optimization solution page. We want to make sure each visitor to the blog -- a frequent entry point for our site -- becomes familiar with Evergage and our value proposition given their interests. Once they’ve taken that action and they check out another blog article, we will show them two more CTAs: an eBook offer, The Ultimate Web Personalization Planning Guide, and a webinar replay, How Rue La La is Boosting Engagement With Personalization.  These appear only if they’ve not already visited those pages at some point in their history on our site, in which case it will automatically skip ahead in the sequence! The final message in the sequence, once the visitor has completed the first three steps, is to show them an embedded form with our 15-minute consultation offer.

The strategy for these messages is simple: Make sure your blog visitors have visited your main site, present them with relevant offers, and then offer them a personal consultation. If the visitor has done steps 1-3, then they are clearly interested in Evergage, and will likely be ready for a conversation with us.

We hope you enjoyed Real-Time Tuesday. See you next week!