Employees across your organization send emails to prospects, customers, vendors, partners and job seekers every day. As a result, your employees’ email signatures are a reflection of your company. You likely already know this, so you probably have an existing template that each employee fills out with their own information and uses as their signature. This allows for consistency in all the emails sent by the individuals in your company. For example, this is Evergage’s template:

consistent messaging in email signatures

If you’re like some companies, you also use the signature to provide some kind of marketing message — such as promoting an upcoming event, encouraging a download of a recent eBook, driving traffic to your website or blog, etc. For example, right now, our email signature look like this:

consistent messaging in email signatures

Like most companies, that banner at the bottom of the signature is set by the marketing team. Marketing develops the message, designs the creative and distributes it to the company. Then, they encourage all company employees to manually insert the design into their individual signatures.

If you use or want to use promotions like this in employees’ email signatures, consistency is critical. However, the process I just described is very manual and nearly impossible to enforce. When you want change the banner, you need to repeat the process all over again. And unfortunately, marketing communications aren’t always consumed by everyone in the company (shocking, I know). Some employees miss the message. Others may see it but forget to make the change. Others still may be confused about how to update their signature in the first place. The result? Outdated or disjointed signature content across the organization.

For example, your team could distribute a new signature banner to promote an event, but as soon as that event is over, that banner becomes outdated. It could take weeks to get everyone in the company to manually update their signatures after the event, and there is no easy way to identify that everyone in the company has done so (short of asking everyone to send you an email as proof). Sales reps, customer success managers and even your executives could be emailing prospects and customers promoting outdated content. This can turn a valuable promotional tool into a poor branding experience for your company.

The Solution

If you’re familiar with Evergage, you know that we’re The Real-Time Personalization Platform. Marketers across industries use Evergage to personalize their experiences across touch points to different audiences and individuals. But did you know that the Evergage for Email module can also be used to keep those signature banners consistent across your company, giving marketing control over the message?

Here’s an example. We used Evergage recently to promote the 2017 Personalization Summit. We asked all employees to promote the summit by adding an Evergage for Email HTML code snippet to their signatures. With that one action, our marketing team gained control over what to promote in that space.

So immediately after the Summit took place, the marketing team was able to replace the banner with another without asking the employees to do anything. The main benefits from this approach are:  

  • Marketing has control over what is promoted in employee email signatures
  • Employees only need to modify their signature once, rather than doing it every time marketing wants to change the message
  • Email signatures are updated at open time, so any time a recipient opens an email from an employee (regardless of when that email was sent), they will see the latest message
  • Employees can always remove the promotional banner from their signatures (if you wanted to permit that)

Let me share an example. Let’s say that Logan, one of our customer success directors, sends an email to a customer containing, in the body of the email, some tips to help her with a personalization campaign. That customer finds that she needs to refer to those tips several times over the course of a month, so she keeps returning to the email. If she was originally sent the email prior to the event, she would have seen a promotion for the Summit in Logan’s signature. But if she opens the email again after the Summit has taken place, she would instead see another promotion there. She will never see an outdated signature no matter when she opens the email or when the email was sent.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to adding promotional messages to all of the emails that your individual employees send out every day, consistency is key. The best way to achieve that consistency is with marketing control. It may not be a traditional use case for Evergage, but we’re very pleased with how smoothly it works to solve an important challenge for companies.

If you’re interested in learning more about Evergage for Email and other capabilities, get in touch with your customer success representative or request a demo today.