Hello, and welcome to another Real-Time Tuesday. This week we will be discussing a strategy for tracking your website visitors more closely.

Gathering your website visitors’ information is important towards your initial goal of understanding the people that visit your website. Who are your champion visitors? We define champion visitors as those who complete an action on your site - this can range from a demo request, to a content download, to a purchase. Once you understand how champions navigate through your site - you can use these insights to better understand how each individual completes a goal on your website. Then you can use this data to utilize real-time messaging to get them through the funnel - faster. By creating more champions, you are generating more leads and/or revenue from your website.

You can learn some information about your website visitors from sign-up forms. Form fields capture names, company info, title, email address and more. This is useful, but what’s more powerful is tracking visitors by their site actions and behaviors - their actual interests. With a real-time personalization solution like Evergage, you can actually track and respond in real-time to what people are doing on your website, including anonymous visitors.

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If your company offers a variety of categories and/or products on your website, you can use real-time analytics to determine the interests of individuals. For example, a furniture e-commerce site offers a variety of products: couches, beds, kitchen tables etc. If a first time visitor clicks on the couches category, you can use real-time messaging to dynamically change the homepage to the most popular couches. You can also serve relevant messages that include customer support information or an incentive that drives urgency. If that visitor returns to your website a second or third time, you can easily present a banner that highlights the couches that visitor originally viewed. 

What about those people who come to your site and bounce immediately? You can also use real-time personalization to grab their attention with a Second Chance message. Through a combination of inactivity and mouse movement, you are able to determine when a visitor is leaving your site. With this valuable knowledge, you can provide them with relevant content or an incentive to stay on your site longer.

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We hope you enjoyed this weeks Real-Time Tuesday, see you next week!