Getting a second chance doesn’t always happen. How many times have you thought to yourself, “if only I had another chance?” At Evergage, we want to make sure that we provide our readers with a second chance to check out relevant content so they don’t leave our site empty-handed. It’s a practice we advise our clients to consider implementing as well.

Based on a combination of inactivity and mouse movement, Evergage is able to determine when a visitor is about to leave a website. Based on this information, in our case, we present a content offer that is relevant to each visitor using “Second Chance” messages.

In the past, we showed this message to every visitor about to leave the blog:

second chance messages

But we didn’t personalize this message to each visitor, and the message gave us a relatively modest 1.24% clickthrough rate. Always striving to continuously improve, we wanted to do better. With a few tweaks, all visitors now see a message that promotes content in the category that is most relevant to them. For example, visitors who show interest in e-commerce see this message when they start to leave the blog:

second chance messages

This personalized message has seen a 5.64% clickthrough rate since launch! By simply making sure we are offering content that is relevant, we achieved a 354% increase in the clickthrough rate compared to displaying generic content. This is only one example of many personalized messages that you might see on the Evergage blog based on your interests.

Second Chance messages are ideal for visitors who are on the verge of leaving your site. It gives them one last chance to look at more of your content before they leave, and gives you another opportunity to improve engagement. They are great to use on blogs to provide readers with more content, but they can be used on your homepage to catch visitors who are about to bounce, or to remind shoppers of items left in their cart before they leave your site, and much more!