What are your perceptions of real-time marketing? Is it a critical component of your 2014 strategy? Or is it something on your “if only we had the time and resources” wish list? In either case, there are a lot of marketers who think like you. We learned that (and a lot more) from our recent Perceptions of Real-Time Marketing survey, conducted with 114 digital marketers in 18 countries.

For example, we learned that a majority of digital marketers consider real-time marketing critical to their efforts, and plan to invest in real-time technology in 2014:

·       76% of marketers are using real-time marketing today

·       88% of marketers consider it important to their 2014 plans

·       41% of marketers have included it in their 2014 budgets

While those are encouraging numbers when examining how marketers value real-time marketing, there are still many more marketers who view real-time marketing as an enterprise investment. Lack of resources (43%), time to implement (39%), and cost (27%) were all among the top obstacles identified to implementing real-time marketing. Yet none of these obstacles should be considered barriers to adopting website personalization technology if the return is substantial. Wouldn’t you agree?

Whether you are committed to a real-time marketing investment in 2014 or still evaluating it as a priority, Evergage can help. First, we invite you to download our research briefReal-Time for the Rest of Us: Perceptions of Real-Time marketing and How It’s Achieved. In it you’ll learn:

·       How marketers like you categorize real-time marketing

·       What are the obstacles to implementing a real-time strategy

·       Why real results matter more than the perceived challenges

We also invite you to join us Tuesday, March 25 for an exclusive webinar, What Marketers Really Think of Real-Time Marketing presented in partnership with The Realtime Report. We’ll provide additional insight from the survey and provide examples of how website personalization technology is helping businesses achieve real-time marketing goals without breaking the bank or consuming resources.

We hope to see you there! Register for the webinar today and don’t forget to download the report.