When evaluating personalization vendors, you may notice that many are using the same language and making the same claims. At Evergage, we know that we have the leading real-time personalization platform. But what does that mean?

Sometimes it’s easier to understand something when you know what it is not. Here’s what Evergage is NOT:

We are NOT a point solution, offering only one piece of your personalization strategy.

We are NOT a few lines of JavaScript plus some consulting masquerading as a solution.

We are NOT a solution for personalizing just a single channel.

We are NOT a “frankencloud” trying to pass off a bunch of acquisitions as a unified platform.

what is evergage

Some vendors like Adobe claim to offer a single platform, but it’s made up of acquired point solutions.

We are NOT a recommendations widget confined to a specific location on your site.

We are NOT a black box that won’t let you build and test your own algorithms.

We are NOT going to tell you we made you $X million that you don’t see in your bottom line.

We are NOT going to ask you to spend three times what you spend on Evergage with a large agency or system integrator just to implement the solution.

We are NOT going to nickel and dime you for every campaign we help you with.

what is evergage

Some vendors will keep charging you for every little thing you need.

We are NOT built on legacy technology that requires 4 to 24 hours before your data can be acted upon.

We are NOT an A/B testing tool vendor that is trying to branch out and move up market.

We are NOT a CMS or e-commerce platform that is adding personalization as an afterthought.

We are NOT going to be yet another island for storing your data unconnected to your other key systems.

what is evergage

When data can’t be shared between systems, you don’t get a full picture of each of your visitors.

We are NOT going to force you to make hundreds of segments to implement non-scalable personalization campaigns.

We are NOT going to show product Y to everyone who looks at product X; we’ll enable you to provide one-to-one recommendations to your visitors that are unique to each person.

We are NOT going to limit you to delivering one-to-many or even one-to-few experiences; we’ll empower you to deliver truly personalized one-to-one experiences.

We are NOT standing still.

We ARE Evergage.

We provide The Power of 1.

Looking Ahead

As you evaluate vendors, ask the right questions. You’ll find that many other vendors out there are at least one of these things that Evergage is not.

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And for a humorous take on how Evergage compares to Adobe, check out this video.