My path to Evergage began with the decision to explore B2B marketing during my last summer of college. My previous experience in B2C marketing had given me a great lay of the land, but I didn’t want to graduate without an understanding of both sides of the coin. A marketing internship with Evergage made a lot of sense. As a B2B software company – and an industry-leading one at that – I knew it would be a great environment to grow my marketing skills while contributing to game-changing technology.

Less obvious to me, at least prior to my interviews, was the difference that talented and passionate coworkers, a flexible environment, and transparent values could make in my career development. My experience has challenged me and allowed me not only to grow as a marketer, but has also granted me the opportunity to meet incredible people, have some fun after work, and wake up looking forward to going to the office. And since Evergage is hiring, I thought I would share a few things I learned that you can use to evaluate if Evergage is the right place for you.

The people are the best

I would be remiss to gloss over Evergage’s knack for hiring excellent talent (I am a product of it, after all!). You would be hard-pressed to find an Evergager who didn’t list their colleagues as a top reason they love working here.

During the past three months, it has become incredibly clear that the greatest source of my fulfillment has been the talented, passionate, and just plain fun individuals that surrounded me. Everyone brings their unique talents, along with a palpable passion for contributing to incredible software. As an Evergager, in whatever role you occupy, you have the feeling that you are contributing to the product and the success of the company — and you are! Not only have I learned from my coworkers, I have developed friendships that will bring me joy beyond the end of my time with Evergage.

Hiring the best people and treating them well is one of Evergage’s core values — and it shows through the people that bring so much to the table.

The transparent and respectful culture

Having all these great people translates into a great culture. Everyone upholds our values and strives to maintain a transparent culture in which everyone can have an opinion and feel comfortable being themselves. As a pillar of our culture, the sharing of ideas allows everyone to speak up, but also engenders a culture of listening and respect. I have had the pleasure of working with individuals across marketing, engineering, and customer success, and in the process have grown my own communication skills. Whether it’s in our weekly company meetings, frequent manager 1-on-1s, or casual chats during Winesday (where we have wine and snacks after work on Wednesdays!), there is a clear commitment to candid communication, transparency, and the sharing of ideas.

The flexibility and room to grow

Internships are always unique in that there is a great deal of flexibility in the projects an intern takes on. I have had the fortune to work on areas across marketing functions, like social media, list sourcing, Salesforce data cleanup, website content optimization, and event promotion. Because I had not worked in B2B marketing prior to this summer, having the flexibility to take on a wide range of projects has benefited me tremendously.

But that flexibility isn’t unique to internships at Evergage. There is flexibility in nearly every role. No one’s job description is completely static, and the company supports those who want to get more exposure to other functions or projects. This leads to an environment in which growth is highly valued and cultivated. Because Evergage is an early stage tech company – and a quickly growing one at that – everyone is expected to wear several hats. The opportunity to grow according to your own interests and passions ensures purpose, and it’s something I have felt throughout my time with Evergage.

Final Thoughts

My decision to intern at Evergage has been one of the best I’ve made for my career development. I’ve connected with bright minds, worked on high-impact projects, and had a bit too much bread and cheese on Winesday (if there is such a thing). Though I only interned for three months, I will remain connected with Evergage and continue to be excited by the technology and cheer on my teammates as Evergage continues to grow as a market-leading personalization and customer data platform. As I said, Evergage is hiring, so check out the career openings!