When it comes to making a great first impression and converting leads, your website is where the magic happens. Just like a salesman gathers information from customers throughconversation, your website gathers information through visitor actions and behaviors. As you understand more about your potential customers, you can fine-tune your responses, engage, and better educate them on the offerings that are relevant to each individual person.

Real-time behavior-based personalization will help your company increase brand awareness, build relationships, generate qualified leads, and ultimately close deals. But how do you get started? What kind of messages can you implement today? In 35 Ways To Do Real-Time Personalization, the guide will show you several examples of real-time personalization in action.

Why is Real-Time Website Personalization Important?  

Just because someone visits your website doesn’t mean he or she will buy that same day. But something sparked their interest to go there. Whether it was organic search, a social channel or an email newsletter – they clicked and landed on your website. They are looking for more information about your company, product or services.

So what are you doing to optimize their experience to drive engagement and conversions? Thanks to big data and technology, marketers can now serve relevant content to their website visitors based on where they clicked and where they came from. The days of static and irrelevant websites are over. It’s time to deliver a better customer experience and deliver more accurate and relevant communications with your website visitors. By optimizing these interactions, you can build brand loyalty and create a unique customer experience – increasing engagement and driving sales.

How Has Personalization Evolved?

Personalization has been around for about a decade but recently, marketers have taken it to the next level by delivering one-on-one communications to visitors based on real-time behavior, interests, preferences, and data. Technology that supports this is here and real-time data, analytics, and consumer connectivity have all made it possible to bring new relevance to marketing. By tailoring the digital experience with strong relevancy, you will help your visitors achieve their goal initial goal.  When their experience is a success, they will keep you top of mind, give rave reviews about their experience, and most likely their engagement and advocacy will increase in the future.

Marketers have always been on a mission to find new ways to reach their potential customer and get heard through the noise. With real-time web personalization, marketers can now focus on being found, and learn to build relationships with buyers. With these valuable insights of visitors, marketers can understand their visitors better, present relevant content and drive more sales.

There are several ways to utilize real-time web personalization. What does it look like? In our guide, 35 Ways To Do Real-Time Website Personalization, we will show you 35 awesome examples of it in action so that you can take a first time visitor from initial introduction to conversion and advocacy.